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Creativity at Global Scale


Schools, organizations, governments, parents, entrepreneurs, and leaders around the world increasingly see creativity as key to their future.

We believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to help steward the larger global shift already underway towards a more human-centered, collaborative, and creative culture.

Learning Experiments


Over the last couple years, we've been quietly running a portfolio of experiments globally.  Our goal is to discover how people learn and use creative strategies in radically different contexts and cultures. We've run pop-up learning experiences in over 30 cities, in 15 countries. 

Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Oxford, Berlin, Geneva, Zurich, Florence, Istanbul, Cape Town, Bangalore, Mysore, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, Sydney, Melbourne, Santiago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Houston, Dallas, Portland, Boulder, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, New York 

Lifelong Practice


We believe creativity is a lifelong practice. So we actively engage learners of all ages and stages, including children, students, entrepreneurs, business leaders, teachers, public servants, parents, and community members. 

Master Learners


Our hope is to help connect the growing number of people who are actively learning new ways to bring more empathy and experimentation into their daily lives, transforming the organizations and communities they serve.